October 1, 2023


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Goldman Sachs: Engineering Campus Summer Internship Program 2023-24

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Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs hiring 2023 -2024

Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs hiring 2023 -2024

Goldman Sachs: Summer Internship Schedule

Registrations for the program start from August 28, 2023. Last date to apply for this summer internship is September 10, 2023.


Graduation in 2025

Date of Joining: April/May 2024


Bengaluru, Hyderabad

Overview Goldman Sachs

Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs hiring 2023 -2024
Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs hiring 2023 -2024

The company’s initiative, the Engineering Campus Hiring Program, aims to attract and hire top engineering talent from engineering schools all over the nation. The program has enjoyed three years of outstanding success and offers a platform for hiring the best and most diverse talent nationwide.

The emphasis of the program’s fourth year is on giving students access to GS Learning as well as improved engagement and networking opportunities with senior company executives. The students would also experience multiple rounds of assessments that would put their technical aptitude, analytical aptitude, and other skills to the test.

Candidates who get through the process will be awarded a summer internship position inside Goldman Sachs’ engineering department in India.

Program Timelines:

Goldman Sachs - Summer Internship Program
Goldman Sachs – Summer Internship Program
  • Registrations: August – September
  • Aptitude Test: September, 2nd week
  • Coursework: October
  • Technical Test: November, 1st week
  • Interviews: November, 4th week
  • Offer Rollout:  January
  • Registrations: August 28, 2023 – 9:00am IST to September 10, 2023 – 11:59pm IST
  • Assessments:
    • Aptitude Test: September 2nd week 2023 (communication will be shared with all the eligible candidates who registered correctly)
    • Coursework: Students shortlisted post the Aptitude Test will be required to undergo a 3 weeklong coursework, in the build-up to the technical test. This will help students to prepare and upskill for the technical test.
    • Technical Test: November 1st week, 2023 (only for those shortlisted post the aptitude test & who successfully complete the coursework)
  • Interviews: November 4th week, 2023 (only for those shortlisted post the technical tests)

Application Process:

Follow these below steps :-

  • Please login if you are already a user by entering your username, password, and email address (please input these credentials accurately; if you run across any available details, delete them and re-enter).
  • If you are a new user, click Create a New Account or take the following actions instead:
  • Select “Register” from the menu in the top right corner of the page.
    Complete the registration information to create a new profile.
    Please make sure all the information—including your email address, graduation year, college, and name—is entered accurately and without any mistakes.
    You will be taken to the home page after submitting your registration; click the “Apply Now” link in the top-left corner.
    Choose ‘Summer Analyst‘ (Internship Programs), then click ‘Apply’
  • To guarantee that your registration is recorded once you’ve started the official application, please be sure to ONLY select the position preference options shown below:
    – Year of Recruitment: “2024”
    – Your application is for a “Summer Internship” position.
    – You are applying to the “Summer Analyst” program.
    – Choose “Bengaluru” for the location.
    – “Engineering Campus Hiring Program” is the division you should choose.
    – “General” is the subdivision you should choose.
    – Don’t select “Add Another” from the provided menu.
    – Please choose the remaining options that apply to you and remember to save and proceed.
    – Fill out the rest of the form, then click “Submit.”
    Please comment if you have any additional questions about the initiative, or consult the FAQ sheet.

Please Click Below to Apply for this job.

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